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Today has been another magnificent day in Chengdu. I am sitting in the Bookworm, a fine place to ease back and read/write be smart with myself and I am using my OWN computer. For the past three weeks, I have been using any computer I could because I lost my damn power source while up in Jiu Zhai Gou chillin the in the mtns. But now I have it back.

If you are in China, peep this site for buying stuff. You might need a Chinese homie to help you, as you need an account, but the goods here are super cheap and as far as I have heard it is governed less by strictly enforced rules than a code of conduct.

here are a few news items regarding the past few months in China and how they affect the international community, Chinese people themselves and the Olympic Games.

The situation is tense, but Lord Almighty does time move quick in our epoch. The whole world changes on a day to day basis.

China has agreed to talk to an envoy of the Dalai Lama, and this, more than anything will defuse the situation and tilt it in China’s favor. Should have done this a long time ago. But we shall see, the Chinese side is not giving the talks much space to breath:

”It is hoped that through contact and consultation, the Dalai side will take credible moves to stop activities aimed at splitting China, stop plotting and inciting violence and stop disrupting and sabotaging the Beijing Olympic Games so as to create conditions for talks”

I was telling my cracker friend Himmler earlier that it would take only one more incident to get people here really pissed at the Western media/political establishment. And although it is actually a very small minority of people who are vigorously protesting in defense of China (mostly students and young people) the take-no-prisoners approach of these patriots makes it difficult for anyone to discuss the issues with them. Especially difficult for other Chinese.

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