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I’m headed to Sanya this weekend to write up some travel stories about the island .. the beaches and some of the luxury hotels. I’ve never been to Sanya and its been a LONG time since i was in the vicinity of beaches and sun and fresh tropical fruits.

I’ve heard all sorts of things about the island paradise of Sanya … and i’ve been in China long enough to have low expectations of the Chinese version of Hawaii.

I hope I am pleasantly surprised.

In somewhat related news, I wrote a little piece about the Three Gorges Dam as well as the general “dam that river” attitude around the developing world for … its a race to squeeze as much out of the earth as possible before .. before?

On a brighter note, here is a Photo Post about an art called Jingtailan (jǐng tài lán,景泰蓝), also known as Cloisonné, one of those ‘reasons I came to China” type discoveries …

This morning just as I was leaving for work, lil Stinky and Grampa showed up at the door from their regular morning jaunt around the area. It was awesome, cuz usually i leave the house without getting to see him. Got kisses and a squeeze in which basically made my day 😉


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