I trust myself now more than ever. I thought to myself the death of Wall Street could only be a boon for me and mine. I had a feeling there was an air of excitement building up … i felt guilty saying it, but i did anyway.

peep this video, an Addendum to the Zeitgeist movie that tore into the 911 myth, the Jesus myth and the Fed. They bring the right message at the right time. They got me thinking about further schooling …

By the time this crisis is over and my hair is thin and gray, my daughter’s sons will ask why it took me so long.

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One thought on “Opportunities

  1. and with further schooling, I can find out things like this:



    how to explain away this one …

    i think Zeitgeist is best understood by looking at the German term it uses.

    The spirit of the times is one of myth breaking, of frustrated anger, of widespread worry and flutterings against resignation. We are tired of the cliches, our brains have come to far. What is next? more vulgar TV or what?

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