me and my cat gimpy

Gimpy got his first taste of pussy last week. I can imagine the look on his face, that shocked yet determined screwed up expression. A dash of confusion. Thats Chou Gui on the bed takin it all in …

Its been an eventful week. I met with a lot of people here involved in international trade and China and it seems, like always, that whatever I wish for tends to just roll into my lap. its not the rolling into my lap part that’s hard, its the next step. I have learned over time that that’s pretty easy too. When i just cease to be what I think people want me to be, then all goes according to the great plan. its very easy on my mind actually. But like China, meetings tend to be big here. Lotsa of meetings and proposals and “going forwards”. Its always amazing when something actually does happen because so many people probably had a hand in it and there were so many stages and processes and cutbacks and shortcuts and long routes around that when the goal is finally met, the whole world sighs in relief. Then we do it all over again.

I have been doing superman exercises and punishing my core with the wheel exercise. Its a good sore. The kind that eases back when you hit it with more pain. I have been getting Nicole thinking abut sex a lot. hahaha. its evil, I know, but I can’t help it. I walk up while she’s messing with the computer and just whisper something dirty that Mike Villar always used to say, then walk back out. HAHAHAHA. Oh man. She hasn’t given in yet, but I expect her to booty call some dude soon enough. No woman can hold out for long. The downside is i ain’t got noone to booty call and i don’t know how much longer i can hold out neither ….

“I am not that into …” tattoos short hair and multiple piercings. I know its cool and all, but I am just not that into it. I am also not that into out of shape women. Not that I am in shape. I dont expect in shape women to be like OOOOO sascha has a body. So me and the out of shape girls are in the same boat. We just aint gettin on.

And please don’t put any “saaaaaasch, why don’t you think about this and that” or “why don’t you do this and that.”

Stay off my blog if you trying to preach.

I’m into connections and empathy. Telekinesis and dream analysis. Big brown eyes and a knowing laugh. a girl that knows why bacon and biscuits and gravy is the SHIT. A girl down to learn massage with me in our one room apt together. A girl down with sweat pants on sundays with ice cream and a book. Thats a lot of girls, i think.

I am headed to Minnyaaaaapolis to kick it with old friends and my bro for a few days. Man i can’t wait. me and my bro talk almost every day and its awesome. We gonna have a good time. I know its cold and shit, but i wouldn’t mind a bit of snow and the pleasure of walking into an old haunt and taking a few layers off while old friends holler out and order a fresh round.

me and Mik and Nicole had tea and talked for a few hours tonight. It was really really nice. I served up some aged Puer and a nice smooth buttery Oolong. Felt nice to serve that tea to people and have them forget about me from time to time and just girl chat with each other. I enjoyed it immensely. I smoked outta my pipe and told a few Villar stories.

brother if you reading, mad love out to you. I wish i could jump into your ass and beat down the pain with a Stick of Hard Lovin. You know what I’m talkin about baby.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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