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Here is a story that is pretty interesting, in that it shows the polarized views of this country that people have.

I am sure that the woman in the story did not have the right documents. She either did not register, was never registered, had a wrong visa or some other glitch that she probably knows nothing about anyway. I would be surprised if she speaks even rudimentary chinese.

At the same time, the cop she describes is typical in that he would rather amputate an arm than take responsibility for anything. This is the whole top-down commie thing. People dont live in fear here unless they are doing some shady shit…

like working with a tourist visa, living in an apt you are not registered to or harboring a foreigner without the right docs (and getting serious rent offa her ass for sure) … its draconian and commie, but hey, we all decided to come here.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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