I’ve changed my mind

Well. It seems as if Hillary has finally decided to do the right thing and get behind the one candidate 100%. Of course its late and she managed to weaken Obama and strengthen her own hand in the process, but I suppose that is a politician’s job. She has put herself in the best position possible to make it into the White House, as VP if not as the big P.

Her speech endorsing Obama was inspiring, so I have changed my mind. I apologize for calling Hillary a bitch and insulting her time and again in coffee houses and blog posts. I know she feels better now, as do I. SHe is a political animal, to be sure, so her movements are not nec. a surprise, but the good this is that even a power hungry woman like Hillary will get in line for the candidate that has mesmerized many of us this year.

But I am worried about Obama. He is already starting to bow down to the center-right and talk of doing “everything possible” to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He said this to AIPAC, the big Isreali lobby that many hold responsible for our destructive Middle East policies.

Now these words can be interpreted in a couple ways. One: Everthing includes war. Two: Everything includes sitting down and talking, which he has said before that he is willing to do.

We have seen this happen so many times, rhetoric before the big campaign to get us all hopeful and energized, then political reality sets in once the people are in line as they should be.

We the People are marginal actors in our own fates. We don’t know any better and must be ruled by those who do. Obama in his words brought this truth out into the open and called for unity in the face of conflict, which will lead to changes in the American nation that will carry us past the war-mongering policies of the past and into a new future: We will grow up under his leadership and become a beloved leader in the world, instead of a hated bully.

well. I am worried. Obama folded once as a junior senator when squaring off against the nuclear power lobby … He might just end up being a Clinton … especially if he chooses the man’s wife as a VP …

“A people always gets the government they deserve … “

*sigh* i always end up back with Candide:

“A man can only cultivate his own garden …”

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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  1. Have faith in BHO! We have come this far! Also, when you get fatigued, just turn your mind to all you are grateful for.

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