Its all bad; its all good

My landlord Nikki V is doing a piece for KBOO Radio about austerity measures people (may or may not have learned from their parents/grandparents) are using to get by in “this nasty economy.”

I listen with mild interest, because so far my economy seems unaffected by Wall Street’s 777+ drop this week after the big bailout failed to get past the taxpayer. I mean, please, does any of those bankers truly believe we are THAT stupid? Supporting a war for oil is one thing, but supporting the big wig banker down the street — the same guy working on your foreclosure — naw man. no love for the banker.

I wonder how long I will be able to sit and observe all of this going on before i have to work the strip again just to pay rent …

Is anyone out there tightening the belt? I know that there are now about 100,000 yuppies wondering what to do with themselves in NYC. They better start learning Chinese and drinking baijiu with some corrupt greedy bureaucrats in Beijing … Joint Ventures will need their “help” trying to get lying ass Chinese partners to do the right thing …

The right thing … the Shenzhou spacewalk is to the Sanlu milk scandal what Palin is to the Republican Party is what Cruise missiles are to Lewinsky is what TV is to woes is what a religion is to the spirit.

There was an insert in last Sunday’s paper called Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West. It caught the attention of a few people … as it is some pretty uninformative scare-mongering propaganda. The basic goal of the DVD is to equate Radical Islam with Nazism both as anti-Semitic and anti-Western.

Now a few people have pointed out that the Treaty of Versailles did help to bring about Hitler, but no one would go so far as to excuse the Nazis for what they did because of WWI. The Treaty of Versailles took land from the Germans and brought about massive economic collapse in that country .. is that an excuse for genocide? never.

So if we keep playing this relativist game, then we have to equate

the conditions in Germany during the 1930s
the causes of those conditions
Germany’s response


the conditions in the Middle East since the end of WWI
the causes of those conditions
and Islam’s response

it gets a little messy and circumstantial. But i think if you read the history of the Middle East since WWI and replace the Middle East with, say, the US, then you will (if you are American) most likely find yourself contemplating mass rebellion and guerrilla warfare. The Arab states were partitioned and controlled by outside forces (Britain, France, US) and pitted against each other and eventually placed under the control of the most iron-fisted despots in the region. Of course an ideology of rebellion will arise out of those conditions …

I suppose the true link between Nazism and Radical Islam is the Jewish State of Israel. The Nazis (and their many many European collaborators) felt guilty enough to give the Jews a state, but they did not feel guilty enough to give them Switzerland or Luxembourg or Prussia or some other swath of territory from the people who slew them.

Instead, Europe made the Arabs pay for their mistake. And used the Book as justification.

What will arise, eventually, out of America’s economic crisis and the wars around the world is a new appreciation for History amongst a people (Americans) who have been taught to believe that history died during the boat trip to the New World. If it means re-learning what Grampa did to get by during the hard times, or what exactly hobo glyphs are or just the aftermath of the Great War … it will be a maturing of our young nation. Maybe I will live to see it.

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3 thoughts on “Its all bad; its all good

  1. Mr. Matuszak, I’ve often read your column on, and was wondering if you’ve considered writing or have written Chinese versions of those articles?

  2. i have considered it and there are a few translations of a one or two columns out there in Chinese. But I haven’t really found an outlet for them. I would be very happy to have any of those columns translated and put out there for Chinese to read and criticize/comment on … i realize that a lot of what I write would be hated on by most Chinese in the Mainland, but that doesn’t really concern me.

    In fact, there are a few Chinese forums that have discussed my columns and aside from the predictable character attacks (white boy can’t possible understand us) and relativist arguments (look at the US), there have been some really insightful and thoughtful comments — comments that show critical thought and follow with precise and important questions that further the discussion.

    so. in short, yes yes yes … let’s do it.

  3. Shameless plug. Hear Matuszak’s pontifications on his status in this economy on that KBOO show this Friday, 6 pm pacific. Streamed live worldwide at, or on the air at 90.7 FM.

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