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When it comes to blogging and just writing in general, its important to get your groove on. For a while there I was writing wak destination guides using bad reviews from the web and memories — either mine or some one elses. That actually hasn’t changed. part of my job is still exactly that: armchair traveler.

But the over the last 10 days ¬†I’ve had the chance to write some blogposts about places I’ve been and heard about and with Aimee making sure my run-on sentences are kept a minimum … well I must say I’m proud of what’s been churned out.

Dustin doing the dirty work for the Urban Cuisine Tour

I’ve been pretty busy over at

Most recently is a lil ditty about southwest China’s Yi Minority.

Then we had another story about Chongqing’s 18 Steps neighborhood … a story I still haven’t written completely, but this one gets me a bit closer.

And this one here, about the Urban Cuisine Tour. This is just the beginning of what me and Dustin are going to get up to. I love this man’s concept and D is just a good human. Can’t wait for the next step.

Man I must admit: this essay about Wuhan is armchair traveling at its finest


Images of post quake Qing Cheng Mountain

and then for Chengdu Living and oldie but goodie was resurrected for the anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake:

The Ace of Diamonds, Charlie’s Wenchuan Earthquake Story.

Nothing earthshattering, but all solid pieces that are getting me into my groove.

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