I peer down from the depths of crackerdom

Obama is finally the nominee. In this story here, i think the reasons why are clearly stated. He’s one of us.

Unfortunately, “us” might not be the majority of the US. What we learned in the primary is that Hillary will do anything for political power, making her — in my eyes — exactly what I would never vote for: a political animal. Whereas Obama, precisely because of this political bullshit she spewed day in and day out, got irritated with her and it showed. I was irritated too. He was speaking the truth, she was moving her mouth.

Anyway. We learned that cracker-dom is alive and kickin in the US. “Working class whites” aka crackers voted for Hillary and will probably vote for McCain. Now working class in political jargon means uneducated white ex-factory workers. I worked with crackers before. I actually enjoy them for what they are. I have cracker friends, many of my best friends are crackers … shit i’m a cracker at times. But i’ll be damned if i’ll let crackers run a country or put “their man” in office.

And a cracker on the street will just replace “cracker” with “nigger” and say the same thing i just did. So these divisions which crackers like McCain and Clinton would exploit, being the political animals they are, are still alive and festering.

The beauty of Obama is not in his skin, but in his true desire to elevate us all — my cracker ass and all the others — above political divisive bullshit and make us what we could be. He is irritated because he wants to fly and the US is piling mud on his wings. He is above the political bullshit. His opponents can only win by dragging him — and the rest of us — down with them into the mud. I believe this.

Obama will need all of us. Especially if he has to contend with the wrath of a scorned bitch after he decides not to make her his VP. Can you imagine making that woman your VP? with old slick dick willy in the background? Man thats inviting the thieves into yer home and offering them dinner.

The Clintons will steal his thunder as often as possible, appearing on the stage left and right … and make the office and the nation weaker, not stronger.

And i think Obama and his people know this. But who else is there? Who else can help bring all the crackers back into the fold? who else will have the cheddar, connections and political savvy to kill the Republican machine? Talk about a catch 22.

The choice of VP is one of the most important choices Obama will make. For those of us who support him, we gotta be there yo.

And it makes no sense to be in Portland hollerin at the choir. I am down to take it to Kentucky and sit and spit chaw with some crackers and holla. Shit, if they don’t shoot me right off the bat, I will at least get some good BBQ and maybe a night with a white trash harlot. I’m cool with that.

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2 thoughts on “I peer down from the depths of crackerdom

  1. america needs four more years of chaos and stupidity in order for the cracker class to wake up, so i would not be surprised to see the machine pull off a convention upset ….

    in fashion, you can go out of business just by being a couple of quarters ahead of the trends …

    obama is too far ahead in his thinking and in his consciousness …

    though maybe i should reconsider, his first meeting after the acceptance speech was with aipac, the israeli lobby group, so maybe business as usual is not really threatened

    americ, love it or leave it, i did

  2. Just so long as you get back and register to vote, somewhere. Though I would argue that you’re better off registering in a county that walks the talk when it comes to lowering emissions, feeding the hungry, and using mail-in voting, to stave off disenfranchisement…

    You can try to convince a coupla southerners to come to our side, while ya’ll clap white flour between your hands (that stuff makes crackers, if you cook it), just make sure your ballot gets mailed into Multnomah County. This choir will be singing an exultant tune come mid-November.

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