Holy Shit I miss Sichuan

Man I found myself teary eyed listening to the Ya Jian Bang sing about Sichuan food. I was thinking about what it would feel like kicking it with my peoples out there around a cheap ass table covered in steaming spicy ass delicious heart warming lip smacking eye glazing down home sichuan style dishes lord almighty bout to jump up and book a ticket right the fuck now. Its all bad in Shanghai when it comes to food, don’t let the hype fool ya.

they got all sorts of hipster types that couldn’t afford an extra patty on a burger back in the States cruising around here sampling this and that new French spot named fuckin Franc with a C and shit. Dishes all huge portions all small. People looking at each other over glasses, hoz and their patrons pruning themselves in the glare of crystal chandeliers. I wasn’t built for this shit man.

I’m talkin about shoeless shirtless greasy lipped ridiculous feasting. Holy Shit I miss Sichuan …


Peep my peoples singing about it right here:

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Holy Shit I miss Sichuan

  1. caveat: there are good places to eat non-chinese food in Shanghai. Yes, they might be expensive, but they have great decor and consistently put together world class dishes.


    tudouni, feichangfer, hansaobai, zajiamian, jiandanmian, shuizhuroupian, douhua’r, hougoufer, huanliangfer, hongyoushuijiao, laitangyuan’r, hongyoutudia’r, mayoujikua’r, liangbancai … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiya ….

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