Chengdu TV on earthquake

The tv news just reported 107 deaths and 648 injuries. They also say that gas is tough to come by — some people have been waiting for 3 or more hours for gas.

the death toll is rising as the news report goes on —

4 people dead in Aba
5 people in Leshan
20 or more people in Guizhou and Yunnan

People in Gansu and Xian were also injured and there may be deaths.

cops are all over the city trying to get people to go home, the news is also saying that it is all over and people should head home.

Municipal Party Secretary Liu Qi Bao is now on TV reading a statement saying that all public utilities (transportation, hospital, police) are mobilized to all parts of the city and nearby affected areas to bring food, shelter and medical aid when necessary.

He said there is a possibility that there will be aftershocks through the night but there is no danger of a large damaging earthquake and people are safe to return home.

Update: There may be more students buried in Deyang and other parts of Chengdu Municipality, that is the latest from the TV news … their buildings also collapsed. Not confirmed though!!

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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