Blogger up in China!

Well i’ll be damned. After all this time, China has decided(?) to let blogger do its thing. So i am visible in China. This is a good thing.

I am in shanghai now and chillin with my man Ferchak. I love his house. And his style too. A true gentleman scoundrel of the most elegant and sordid sort. Last night I went around Shanghai and enjoyed myself. From Attica on the Bund I smoked la and gazed at the skyline with my man Rizlee and his woman Candace. He has been the food writer for this area for years. Now he is headed off to Thailand — or maybe south america — to continue being a food critic (Q, if you read this, i know your dream).

Its hard work. eating, writing. thinking. eating. writing. maybe some drinks. thinking …

Shanghai is very interesting, but nothing for me. There are thousands of foreigners here — many of them very very young — and it seems like a big college town on friday nights. reminds me of nights in Minneapolis drunkenly chasing drunkeness down the sidewalk to Santana’s for burgers and fries. Shanghai has good burgers and fries at a place called Beaver that also has Rogue Beer (from OR) and Dead Guy Ale. But Shanghai aint got santana’s.

There are beautiful women everywhere being targeted by a growing force of pirates, bush pilots and aces.

Its like if San Francisco were a football and you turned it inside out, so the Asians in the Bay were the majority … but not as chill. So young. A very young city. A wanton woman in her 20s, defiantly throwing her skirt up at the male gaze.


i actually encourage all young kids to roll through china and have as much sex and fun as possible. I did it. and now we pass each other in the revolving door of shanghai as i exit stage (P-town foo’!) west and they enter stage east.

i head back to the Dirty Du tomorrow and start bidding farewell. On wednesday i start working on the torch relay convoy.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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