Blinded by the Web

I’m going to switch gears and talk about my own country for a second here. Hitting out at China is actually too easy. There are a bunch of problems in the country and, for the most part, the propaganda and methods of the state are so crude that ridiculing them is like shooting the proverbial fish.

But the US is a much different story. The US media and government propaganda is extremely adept at warping the minds of its own people and the attitudes of many people abroad. Only those unfortunate enough to be in the receiving end of the American stick can see clearly the US hypocrisy. Those of us at home who write about, read and take to the streets consider ourselves “in the know,” but the truth is that Americans are woefully ignorant about what it takes to reform a Republic gone Mad.

How can the banks get away with this?

The bailout of 2008 was odious to begin with and the fact that it “just happened” with no recourse or public discussion makes it an amazing coup. We were all told that letting the banks fail would lead to catastrophe. What they didn’t tell you was that, barring catastrophe, this type of thievery will continue forever and ever, Amen.

Bloomberg had to sue the government to get these stats concerning the “secret bailout” of $7.7 trillion that reaped $13 billion in profits for the very same banks that benefited from TARP loans. Not only did banks get TARP loans to “prevent catastrophe,” but they also received another SEVEN TRILLION to help them profit and grow bigger. I urge you to read Bloomberg’s report and then ask yourself …

How is this possible?

A militarized state

Tom Engelhardt writes this in the Asia Times:

“The military-first policy of choice that rang in the century – there were, of course, other options available – has become the only option left in Washington’s impoverished arsenal. After all, the country’s economic power is in tatters (which is why the Europeans are looking to China for help in the euro crisis), its “soft power” has gone down the tubes, and its diplomatic corps has either been militarized or was long ago relegated to the back of the bus of state. “

Every Empire went down swinging. Doesn’t that tell you something? Shouldn’t that resonate with our hyper-educated President? But it’s not his fault really. There are too many of us, making too many decisions, all of them well-intended, none of them meant to hurt really, but in the end it all goes wrong …

How could this be?

Snow Crash

Disintegration follows corruption and violence like a black-hooded crone.

We have no lack of information in the West. There are no 5 cent armies trolling the web erasing articles and arresting writers. Naom Chomsky is still at it, after all these years, with a new version of his 2001 book, 9/11. We are free. Yet enslaved.

In a recent NYT article, I find a clue as to why we have all the information in the world, but still have no real concept of what to do with it all.

(I am an accomplice in the destruction of will, action, knowledge, and purpose.

Blogposts are like the lies told in our world that destroyed Fantasia.

I have to stop linking. If you follow the links you wander and neither of us our experts and neither of us really know if the site I linked to has any real knowledge to impart or if the Web is just the disintegration of Everything into Snow Crash noise.

What other explanation could there be for a complete inability to change course in the face of all of the mounting evidence that we are speeding toward Gomorrah at 2MB/s?)

This is what the US does to your mind. Unlike the silly blunt instrument the Chinese wield internationally and at home, the Americans have this … magic bullet … that shatters into a million possibles and there is no way you can dodge every one of them. Any viewpoint has merit and by unleashing them all, the US has achieved what the Chinese never will:

A population transfixed.

If I am to act on my words, then this will be my last post. Can I take my lips from the pipe?

Or is writing an Act?




Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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  1. Well Self,

    Many many writers before you have moved mountains with their words. Some of the greatest architects of our civilization are books. In fact. All of them are when you think of it.

    Not many blogposts though.

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