Basic Conversation with a Chengdu Cabbie

Oh shit! Wassup Laowai!

Where you from?

For real? Where you teach at?

You aint a teacher? Where you study at?

Oh so you a company man. How much you make?


Yeah right, lying ass.

How long you been here?

Holy shit! So you like Chengdu?

Can you eat spicy food?

Hell no. Really: Can you eat spicy food?

Well I’ll be damned. You married?

No? You like our Sichuan girls? Flyest in China.

hehehe. Thats what I’m sayin.

allright my man. walk slow.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Basic Conversation with a Chengdu Cabbie

  1. man man zou… this would be the exact conversation i would have transcribed from those cabbies too… only i didn’t understand their every word. but they did put in the part about sichuan girls… surprisingly…

    maybe they saw that lecherous gleam in my eye.

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