A Smoggy day in Beijing

There is a situation going on right now at east gate in Beijing. About 100 people and are in the area. The issues is with the demolition of several apartment blocks to make way for a park. The residents have made a “last stand” in front of the last building.

Anytime people actually get hifey about something, it probably has to do with cheddar. The gov. is notorious for dividing the residents against each other and haggling one-on-one in order to squeeze more profit out of the real estate deal …

I am sure the media will be on this soon enough …

Today is also a very smoggy day … I can’t imagine these Olympics going 24hrs without having problems. The good news is, the local volunteers and security forces are going out of their way to be polite and civilized when foreigners are around and the girls are starting to smile a bit more ..

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