A Perfect Majority

Yep. The Republicans are trying to win some seats in the Senate by saying: A one Party majority can’t be good for the country.

They’re absolutely right. When they had the majority, they didn’t mention it too much, but they did indeed run the country into the ground. So now the pendulum swings … back to the center i guess.

Here is a dope video. Intellectuals for Change.

Here is another dope video. Fools for a Racist God.

and check out this interesting story by Ivan Eland in Antiwar.com (also linked to your right) … Al Qaeda endorses McCain because they realize that a fool in the White House is good for their recruiting drive.

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Majority

  1. Mr. Murphy, I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with you vicariously through your blogspot. I hope to join in some exploits and reconvene at a time not too far in the future. Welcome home and Vive la Revolution!
    M. Grant

  2. I like the way your ordered the links. It made me hopeful for the things I crave, which is change. Then made me cringe and get defensive for what I crave, which is change. Lastly it made me think, which is what I need the most.

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