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Chengdu Living

My friend Charlie and I started back in January and since then it has taken off pretty well. Go to this page here if you want a look at all the posts I have ever written for CL. Below are some links to some of my favorites: Defending Chinese Culture and Kung Fu Panda […]

South China Morning Post

I have written on and off for the South China Morning Post since 2001 when I wrote the very first ever English-language story on the Chongqing Stickman Army, which unfortunately I have never been able to find online expect for here.  I currently write a few things for them, but the bread and butter right now […]


These are some longer pieces I wrote about different topics that grabbed me over the years. I have published features with the South China Morning Post, and a few others. Below are some links for you to check out: Future So Bright Lessons for Haiti And on the Seventh Day the News Rested Breast […]